Talking with Willie Wells
On April 9, 1988, Austin Chronicle writer R.U. Steinberg interviewed baseball legend and Austin, Texas resident Willie Wells. The story, which ran in the April 22, 1988 issue of the Chronicle, was one of the last interviews--if not the last interview--with Wells, who passed away in 1989. Click on the picture to view an Adobe Acrobat version of the story.

Below are audio excerpts from the actual interview in RealAudio format (sorry about the audio quality--during the interview, there was a TV playing in the background):

"What makes me so proud..." (0:48--620 kb)
"This was my mother's home..."(1:34--1.2 megs)
"Truth and honesty is so good..."(0:25--370 kb)
About playing in NYC area and beyond...(1:37--1.2 megs)
About players, Hall of Fame...(2:16--1.7 megs)
About learning baseball, segregation, playing in Cuba...(6:10--4.7 megs)